R&D Synthesis
Striving for innovation, this service of JDM Research is backed by a team of professionals with expertise in chemistry.

Service offered

Development of new Actives/ Enantiomers
Crystal Structure / Polymorph Study
Process Optimization/ Trouble Shooting
Process validation
Purification (Fractional Distillation/Crystallization)
Ref. Standard preparation (Active and its impurities)

Hazardous reaction (Halogenation, Cyanation, Grignard etc)
Air Sensitive Reaction (using n-BuLi, LiAlH4, NaH etc)
Photo Chlorination Reactions
High Pressure Reaction
Heterogeneous / Homogeneous hydrogenations
Suzuki Coupling, Diazotization, Oxidation, Organometallic,
Friedel-craft, Sandmeyer,
Wittig, Hoffmann Reaction etc.


20L to 100L Jacketed reactors
Agitators – Anchor, Retreat, PBT, Flat blade, Rushton disc
Low Temp up to -70°C
High Temp up to 300°C
High pressure 50 bar
Gas generators
Hydrogenation autoclaves
Multiple Effect Evaporator
Distillation System
Walk-in fume hoods

What we can do for you

  • You have a medicinal chemistry route and need to make 100-250 gms for GLP Tox studies
  • Develop robust route for Tox/Phase-1 Studies (Process Reseach)
  • Replace route using toxic or hard to handle reagents. Develop green environmental friendly chemistry
  • Substitute multiple chromatographic separations (significant loss in yields) with suitable crystallization/ purification method.
  • Develop a cost effective route at scale to be competitive
  • Reduce the number of steps, or decrease the cycle time to release capacity
  • Impurity Profiling