GLP Phys-chem

Equipped with state-of-the-art sophisticated instruments, JDM Research offers analytical services in compliance with national and international guidelines such as OECD, USEPA, OPPTS, SANCO (SANTE), BIS, CIPAC, FAO, WHO, REACH, IP, BP, USP, JP, USFDA, ICH, Schedule Y, RCGM, etc. suited to customer needs.

Services offered

Five-batch Analysis
Assay and Impurity quantification by 3D analysis
Phys-Chem Studies (> 50 parameters) for Technical and Formulation Product
Organic Volatile Impurity analysis.
Stability Studies
Method Development and Validation
Impurity Isolation/ Standard Preparation
Characterization by GC-MS/MS, LC-MS/MS, FT-IR, UV


  • GC (FID, TCD, ECD, FPD Detectors).
  • HPLC (UV, RID, PDA Detectors)
  • GC-MS/MS triple quadrupole with Head space
  • LC-MS/MS triple quadrupole
  • UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
  • DSC, TGA, Surface tensiometer
  • Particle size analyser (Wet/Dry mode)
  • Viscometer, MP/BP, KF, FT-IR

Quality Assurance

Independent Quality Assurance Unit carries out inspection and audits and reports directly to the test facility management.

  • Study based
  • Process based
  • Facility based
  • Document control
  • Measurement uncertainty
  • Measurement traceability

GC-MS/MS Triple Quadrapole with Head Space

LC-MS/MS Triple Quadrapole

Particle size analyser (Wet and Dry mode)


Differential Scanning Calorimeter