Pilot Plant
• Facilities to carry out various reactions including high pressure, cyro, etc.
• Unit processes like crystallization, filtration, vacuum distillation, continuous distillation, evaporation etc.
• Dedicated team of highly qualified engineers to manage the facilities round the clock.

Machinery and Equipment
• Reactors (Glass, MSGL, Hastelloy-C and SS-316)
• Hydrogenation autoclaves
• High pressure reactor
• Fractionation assemblies
• Centrifuges
• Agitated Nustch filter
• Rotary vacuum dryer
• Thin film evaporator

Major utilities
• Captive power
• Cooling towers
• Chilled brine plant
• Chilled water plant
• Cold storage
• Steam
• Hot oil system
• All types of gasses
• Vacuum system

Kilo Lab
• Dedicated team of highly qualified engineers to manage the Kilo Lab round the clock
• Flexible reactor set up to facilitate quick change over
• Capability of handling low temperature, high temperature, low pressure and high pressure reactions
• Distillation facilities to establish recycling of solvents, etc.
• Solid handling facility like centrifuge, vacuum dryer, etc.

• Reactors (5 to100 litres)
• Reaction assemblies (12)
• Low temperature reaction (up to -70° C)
• High temperature reaction (up to + 300° C)
• Distillation column
• Hydrogenation autoclaves
• High pressure reaction set up designed for 100 bar pressure
• Fully automated on Scada software