Vision and Values

At JDM Research, we recognise the power of scientific research to fuel sustainable growth, prosperity and health. We understand that today, more than ever, research has the ability to steer organizations forward and empower entire communities. It is this understanding that inspires everything we do.

OUR VISION is to realise the full potential of research to advance scientific understanding and enhance lives.

OUR MISSION is to become one of the leading and most trusted names in chemical research; To become a one-stop provider of discovery, development research, and regulatory compliance services for businesses in chemical-based industries; To provide our clients with the state-of-the-art research facilities and scientific acumen they need to help them advance their respective fields.


We lead by example to encourage hard work, ambition and enthusiasm in our employees. We delegate, empower, challenge and offer incentives and opportunities to foster personal and career growth.


We pledge to practice a culture of integrity and accountability. We endeavour to make environmental sustainability an important part of our daily work.


We cultivate an environment of collaboration, in which everyone is comfortable sharing their ideas. We build an environment where individuals and teams can work freely to devise bold and creative solutions to real world problems.


We show respect for our stakeholders by adhering to deadlines and consistently delivering at, or above, the promised quality of service.